Everyone has a favorite meal and it can be hard to admit that you favorite meal is unhealthy. Sometimes we either don’t know it’s unhealthy or sometimes it hard to give it up. One way we have adjusted to eating healthier in our family is to give our favorite dinners a meal makeover and eat those often and then occasionally we will eat the “real” version. It’s funny, though, we actually don’t miss the ‘real’ meal all that much. After eating the clean version for some time we’ve really come to like it.

We will do a quick break down and identify the problems with the average steak and potatoes meal and what alternative solutions you should look for. My goal with this article to help you take your favorite meals from harmful to nourishing. Let’s make your food work for you instead of against you.

Steak and Potatoes

Food items:

Beef steak




Additives & Chemicals

If you are eating conventional meats then you are putting harmful chemicals and toxins into your body. When you do that it can cause imbalances in your body. They are regularly fed growth hormones, given unnatural food and medications that are harmful to them and us. If you cook your steak in butter the cow it came from likely had the same treatment.

Meats, once they are in the processing plants are filled with preservatives to keep them fresh and packaging plants add more chemicals to make them appear fresher longer. Of course all of these additives are seriously harmful to our bodies and should be avoided as much as possible.

You potato was probably sprayed with an herbicide similar to round up and was most likely grown from a genetically modified seed. Fertilizers and pesticides are also commonly used to protect crops from failing. If you have a piece of bread with your dinner then the grain it’s made from has also gone through the same process.


I’m going to assume that weight loss is you goal for reading this. As far as meats go red meats are fattier options. If your going to eat beef opt for lean cuts with lower fat.

Potatoes themselves are fine, they have been vilified in recent years but the research shows that potatoes have lots of vitamins and minerals that we are missing out on by avoiding them. The biggest problem with a baked potato is the toppings you choose to put on it. Butter is always going to be high fat. You just cant use as much as you’d like. Keep the butter lower, add some more himalayan salt to give flavor. Sour cream and bacon bits are also high fat options. Play around with alternative toppings that can be yummy too, but lower in calories.

If you have the bread with your dinner make sure that it is at least whole grain. If you can find whole grain that is organic and sprouted that’s the best.

White bread and wheat bread are exactly the same. The only difference is that they don’t bleach the flour before they make wheat bread. All of the wholesome nutrients are depleted and it’s refined to the point that your body doesn’t know what to do with it. It just turns to sugar and it actually uses nutrients from your body to process it. White flour literally steals nutrition from you in order to digest it and most of us do not have enough vitamins and minerals to spare.


Make sure you’re paying attention to the amount you are eating. It’s so easy to eat way more than you really need. I don’t like to measure everything out. That’s so tedious. It is important to have a point of reference so i’d suggest getting familiar hand portion sizes. Consistently eating too large of portions will wreck your diet, no matter how healthy your choices are you can still consume too much food.

Meat should be about the size of your palm.

Your potato should be able to completely fit in one hand.

Your bread should be half a roll or one average sized slice of bread.


Steak and potatoes meal makeover check list…

Buy organic, or grass fed at least.

Go for lean cuts and low fat percentages.

Choose more seasonings and less butter and oils

Cook in water or grill instead of using oils

Choose organic, sprouted grains.

Stick to the correct proportions for your body.

I hope that helped you to get a better perspective on the food you are eating. You can create a meal makeover for any dinner by making some easy swaps. Maybe conventional to organic? Maybe less butter and more salt? White bread to whole grain? Simple substitutions can take a meal from damage causing to life giving. All it take is a little effort to find the substitutes that work in your family.