Let me introduce myself. My name is Gayla and I have been married to my wonderful husband for nearly 10 years. Let’s call him Superman…. He’ll love that. Superman and i have three little super babies. A four year old girl named princess S, A two year old girl, princess C and a little superboy who is six months old. We live in the suburban south central US.

  • Healthy is our lifestyle. When i first started dating Superman one of the first questions he asked me was “What is your favorite muscle on a guy?” … (insert cricket background noise) Hmm? That was probably a red flag. But that question really sums him up in many ways. Fitness is his passion and his favorite hobby. He competed in bodybuilding competitions briefly and, as a personal trainer, he has seen some really great results with his clientele. It never gets old for him.

Superman comes from a super healthy family. My mother in law just happens to be a certified nutritionist and loves anything and everything about being organic, homemade, raw, homeopathic, etc. She was a crunchy mama before it was a ‘thing’.

I was not familiar with anything from this lifestyle when i met Superman. I just loved Spaghetti O’s  and watching TGIF. But i also love learning so it was a whole new subject to explore and i ate it all up. Now i am also a crunchy mama and eating clean and staying healthy is huge part of our lives.

  • Why I write about it. People are so confused when it comes to being healthy and green, and getting into shape. There is so much information out there and it’s hard to make out what will actually work and then how to apply it to our real world lives.

One story in my life really illustrates my point. When I was pregnant with princess S I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. It was pretty scary. Keeping my blood sugar controlled without insulin was vitally important. If i couldn’t, then, most likely i would have stayed diabetic and princess S would have developed childhood diabetes. I was not going to let that happen.

My OBGYN sent me to a hospital dietitian. I couldn’t get there fast enough. All I could think about was getting this under control and fast! I had already learned a ton from Superman and his mom but nothing specifically about diabetes. However, i did have a pretty good knowledge about sugar, why it’s bad and where to watch out for it. When i left that doctors office i was so frustrated and angry. The dietitian didn’t know anything! White bread and whole wheat was the same? Ketchup was fine but sugar isn’t? She was just as lost as the rest of us.

I immediately went to my mother in law and got all of the information i needed. I walked away feeling so lucky that i had this resource that i could talk to but sad that so many other moms were lost, confused and completely hopeless. There’s one thing I know for sure, if that dietitian had been my only source i would have never successfully managed my diabetes and would have wound up taking insulin shots. That’s heartbreaking.

I started this blog because I believe I have a unique source of information directly from an experienced personal trainer and a certified nutritionist. I’ve had years of putting this knowledge into practice in our home and i want to share what i’ve discovered over the years. I love talking to people about fitness and nutrition and hearing about what they have learned as well. I hope that I can be a well of trusted knowledge to my readers and that I can help other moms find what works for their families.

Yours truly,