Potatoes are a seriously under appreciated food source. Did you know that one potato meets nearly half of your daily Vitamin C needs and has more potassium than a banana? Not to mention the higher than average mineral levels that are found in all root vegetables. As long as you’re eating the skin with your potato then it’s definitely a healthy vegetable and does not need to be avoided. Here are a few healthy and delicious ways to eat a potato. Enjoy!

1. Ditch the gravy and opt for broth

If you love mashed potatoes then this is a way to cut the calories without losing flavor and that comfort food feeling. I usually saute some diced potatoes in a skillet and get them a little over done so that they start to fall apart when your stirring them. The add some salt, any seasonings you like and broth. I use vegetable broth because my family is vegan but chicken or beef would work too. Bone broth will give you a good kick of nutrients too. And that’s it. I usually serve it with a side of roasted veggies.

2. Chili baked potato

The baked potato can be a perfect vessel for filling and delicious foods. Instead of adding tons of butter and cheese top it with chili for a boost of flavor and fiber from the beans. Opt for a vegetarian version to avoid additional fats from meat.

3. Mexican potato skins

Potato skins are a great way to eat a potato. There is lots of fiber in the skin. When you eat the skin with the potato you will avoid the insulin spike that comes from the carbohydrate.

Cut the potato skins and bake with a tiny bit of oil until they are soft. While they are baking cook up some black beans with some cumin, chili powder and salt. In a separate bowl mix corn, diced tomatoes, cilantro, lime juice, and salt for a quick corn salsa. When the skins are done let them cool slightly then top with beans and corn salsa. Maybe thrown in some avocado or jalapenos.

4. Cold Balsamic potato salad

Eating you potatoes cold will give you an edge in digestion. Cooked potatoes that have been chilled will develop a resistant starch that slows digestion, therefore keeping you blood sugar from spiking. This will help your body process the carbs and not store them as a fat.

Cook and chill you potatoes. Mix with diced onion, olive oil, salt and a little balsamic vinegar. By using oil and vinegar to dress the potato salad you’ll avoid the excessive calories that usually show up in a potato salad. Play with the recipe by adding bell peppers, celery or anything else that sounds yummy.

5. Mushroom gravy

I know i talked about ditching the gravy, but if you just have to have your gravy look for a mushroom gravy. Avoiding gravy with meat or animal fat as it’s base will keep your calories down. I like to saute sliced mushrooms in some water and add them to the gravy too. It seems a little more sophisticated that way. It also makes a great stroganoff sauce.

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