As a mom i’m always looking for ways to make my days go as smoothly as possible. The path of least resistance. Because, lets face it, the path behind a toddler is full or resistance. I’d like to fix that. It’s not always possible to streamline everything in a moms life but i do try. Here’s a list of three things I’ve started doing to make my life easier.

1. Powerless Sweeper

Everyday i make a choice between vacuuming the floor multiple times a day or letting it be full of crumbs or scraps of paper. Both of which i hate very very much. This year i decided i needed a solution the constant floor cleaning so i went out and purchased this little powerless sweeper. Its lightweight, has no cord, easy to use and clean. I used to use one when i was a waitress in high school and they work great on carpet or hard surfaces.

Now when there is a mess on the floor i can just get out my sweeper and clean it up quickly. No lugging out the dyson and unraveling the cord just to rewrap 5 min later. Its glorious. My floor stays so much cleaner now. The best part is that princess S can do it too, so now she will help clean up her own mess!

2. Grocery Delivery or Pick Up

Ok, if your a mom and you haven’t done this yet then it will change your world. Do it now! You wont regret it. Especially if you’re still the in carseat phase of motherhood. No more bored kids in the grocery store, no more “mom i want this or that”, no more grabbing stuff off the shelves. Its seriously so much better than grocery shopping with the kids. It saves me from impulse buys and the dreaded trio to the store for 2 things. I really do not like taking my three kids to the store for 2 things. It takes longer to get them in and out of the car than to buy the stuff. yuck.

One other shopping frustration that i no longer have to deal with is forgotten items. Is soon as i see im getting low on dog food or toilet paper i can just add it to my shopping cart and then i put it out of my mind. When it’s time to make our regular shopping purchase its already in my cart. It’s like making a grocery list but i don’t have to remember the list. No more forgetting to buy sponges 4 times in a row!

3. Minimalism

Minimalism is a growing trend once again but this time around it has taken on a very multifaceted definition. It’s not about all white walls and one chair. It’s about choosing what is worth your time and keeping only those things around. Realizing that everything you own requires maintenance, up keep, work and your time. Every towel, every toy, every shirt, every half used hair cream bottle. This year i got really honest and asked myself if my things were worth taking the peace out of my home (stressed from cleaning?) and time from my children. Its not.

I went through my closet and my kids toys and our kitchen and the bathroom. I got rid of bags and bags and bags AND BAGS of stuff. And i still think we have to much. It was so freeing and  my cleaning has gotten much easier, especially since i went through our toy room. Less stuff in my home means less stuff to clean up. Id much rather spend my time with my kids, husband or a good book than the endless cycle of cleaning.

I’m constantly on the search for ideas that make my job more efficient. Being a stay at home mom is just as much of a career as any other. So having systems in place and “procedures’ ,if you want to use office lingo, is just as appropriate in our home as an office building. We should strive to make our home peaceful and welcoming. It should be a refuge from the world not a burden everytime you walk in. I hope that these ideas work for you or inspire you to some other solution that will help your family. Do you have a good mom solution that works for you? I’d love to hear it.

Always rooting for you,