I am a huge fan of fasting. It’s my new favorite weight loss tool. Fasting is so simple and takes a lot of the stress out of dieting. You see results quickly and it’s not nearly as hard as you think it will be. I have been doing a 2 day fast for about a month. I’ve lost 12 pounds and it’s been the easiest weight I’ve ever lost. If your struggling to lose some stubborn fat then you need to start fasting this week. Here’s how to start a fasting routine that will get you some results and a renewed confidence.

1. Pick two busy days

The great thing about fasting is that it actually makes you less busy. You don’t have to cook anything! So i like to pick my busiest days to fast. Typically that’s Saturday and Sunday, for me. If your busy days are busy because of physical activity then it might be best to pick two less strenuous days because your energy can drain quickly.

2. Pick two consecutive days

It’s important to pick two consecutive days to fast because you need to get past 36 hours for you body to use up enough of it’s energy reserves and actually start turning fat into energy.

3. Fast from Breakfast to Breakfast

In my experience, it’s nice to start your fast with a healthy, hearty meal that can carry you through most of the first day. I usually eat a cup of oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon. But anything healthy and filling will make a good start to your day. If i eat breakfast on Saturday morning then i’ll fast the rest of the day on Saturday, all day Sunday and have breakfast again on Monday. I like to do the breakfast version because you also get to sleep through the last few hours of the fast.

4. Any liquid will get weight loss results

A lot of fasting advice suggests only having clear liquids. But, if your goal is weight loss then i’m happy to report that as long as you keep the sugars and calories low then you can drink just about anything you want while you fast. I wouldn’t have a ton of sodas or frappuccinos but one or two treat drinks are nice. I’ve had wine during a liquid fast, i’ve had soda, but these should not be your main drink. I usually stick with the same drinks. Water, coconut water, unsweetened sparkling flavored water, real unfiltered apple juice and coffee with almond milk and stevia drops. Lots of coffee still.

Healthy drinks with sugar in them are your friend. Anytime you start to get that hunger pain drink a half cup or so of either apple juice or coconut water and it will completely take care of your achy tummy. Don’t get too hung up on how much apple juice your having, just drink until you don’t feel so hungry. Watch that you don’t over indulge though. I really only drink the apple juice when i’m hungry, otherwise i stick to the coffee and water.

5. Break your fast gently

I know it seems like you’ll be starving and that you’ve never had a good meal in you life, but resist the urge to over indulge in you first meal. And even the whole week at that. The meal you break the fast with should be relatively plain, light and easy to digest. I like a piece of whole grain toast with butter and a banana. I get some slow digesting carbs, which will also charge up my low energy stores and the fruit has healthy complex sugars to start my day. Then just ease back into regular eating over the course of the day and have a delicious meal that night.

6. Do it for 4 weeks

Sure, you can loose a few pounds with a quick 2 day fast. However, i usually lose 2 – 5 lbs on a fast and will gain back about 1.5 lbs as soon as i start eating normally again. To get a solid 10 lbs off of you you’ll need to give it a few weeks.